How much does it cost to race?

Our standard 10-minute race is $22, which includes tax and a Helmet Liner. Helmet Liners are required to wear our helmets and are yours to keep, if you bring back the liner you save $2 on future races.

How long are the races?

Each race lasts 10 minutes from start to finish.

Do I need a reservation?

No, reservations are not required. That being said, if you are looking to host an event at Sykart, making a Group Party reservation can save you money as well as a scheduled starting time. All reservations require a minimum of one week’s advance notice and an accompanying deposit on file. For more information on Group Party reservations, consult the EVENTS page.

What are your requirements to race?

Drivers on our Adult Track must be at least 16 years old and have a valid government issued Photo ID (Drivers License, Learner’s Permit, Passport, etc.), or be 15 years old with a valid Learner’s Permit or have previously completed our Basic Driving School successfully.

Are kids allowed to race at Sykart?

Our Youth Track is open Friday – Sunday from 12 – 8pm and is open to drivers who are at least 8 years old and a minimum of 50″ in height. Karts on the Youth Track are easier for smaller drivers to control, are more adjustable, and travel at a safer speeds for younger drivers.

How much does the Youth Track cost?

$14 for the first race, which includes tax and a Helmet Liner required to wear our helmets. Bring the Helmet Liner to save $2 on future races.

What if my child wants to race on the Adult Track?

Drivers who are too young to meet our Adult Track requirements may qualify for the Adult Track by successfully completing our Basic Driving School offered Saturday or Sunday at 10am. Pre-registration is highly recommended as space in each session is limited. Cost is $50 per student. Contact Sykart directly for more information.

What happens if my child fails the Basic Driving School?!

1 Free re-take is included in the $50 class fee. Sykart Staff will have feedback to help your child be a safer driver, and we always recommend getting additional practice on the Youth Track to improve their skills.

Can I race longer than 10 minutes?

We offer weekly 30 minute Enduro Races on Mondays at 8pm. When our racing league is in session, Enduro Races move to Wednesdays at 8pm. Occasionally we have other special events that may include races longer than our standard 10-minute heat.

Do you have a racing league?

We have two 6-week League seasons every year, Fall starting in September and Spring season starting in March. Drivers of all experience levels are welcome to participate in league races, even if they’re not registered for the league itself. Just arrive by 7:30pm. Check our Facebook page to see upcoming events.