(requires 3 Youth Track drive sessions first)

Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 11:30am
$50 per student
Ages 8+ and 55 inches or Taller

Basic Driving School Includes:

  • Expanded Driver Briefing
  • Two 10 minute Follow the Leader Instructional Driving sessions
  • 10 minute Final Test Race Heat
  • VIP Membership on successful completion

Availability – Nearly every Saturday and Sunday morning Sykart offers an opportunity for younger drivers who meet our minimum age and height requirements to qualify to race on our full-speed Main Track. Class space is limited, so please reserve your spot. To reserve space for your student, Sykart requires class payment in full which can be done in person or over the phone.

What we teach – Our Basic Driving School includes an expanded Driver Briefing covering Sykart’s rules, flag signals, kart controls, safety, and driving techniques. The Driver Briefing is followed by two 10 minute in-kart Follow-the-Leader sessions, where drivers follow a Sykart Staff instructor to apply the information from the Driver Briefing, how to drive the track’s racing line, driving techniques, and how to keep themselves and other drivers safe while racing.

Passing the class, not guaranteed – The students are tested throughout the class and finally in one 10 minute standard race heat, where instructors ensure that graduates are able to operate karts properly, exercise good judgment while driving, and maintain a fast enough average speed to maintain race flow. Because safety is the number one focus of instruction in the Basic Driving School— not all students graduate upon their first attempt. One free retake is included in the $50 Basic Driving School tuition and must be scheduled with Sykart staff in advance.

Future Membership benefits – In addition to qualifying to drive on the full-speed Main Track, graduates of our Basic Driving School also receive a VIP Membership which entitles them to a discount on their Walk-In races until they turn 16 years old. ($10 annual membership renewal to retain membership benefits required)