How much is it?

Your first race is $19 total, including tax and helmet liner. (bring your own helmet or bring back the liner to save $2 on future races)

How long do you go for?

Each race lasts 10 minutes. If you race better, you get more completed laps!

Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are required to be made in advance. However, you may walk in and race at any open available time.

What are your restrictions for adult racing?

You need a valid driver’s license, permit, or be 16 years old and bring in a government issued ID.

So does that mean kids can’t race?

Not at all, kids as young as 12 may race in a Junior race, whenever there are no other races running, or about once an hour.

How much does a Junior race cost?

Same as a regular race. But everyone in the race will be at a controlled speed.

My kid wants to race at full speed!

We can accommodate as young as 8 years old driving the adult karts too! We just require that they pass our driving school, offered Saturday or Sunday at 10am. (pre-registration is strongly recommended.)

So if they sign up and take the driving school, they can race on the adult track?

So long as they pass. Most kids do pass their first time. 

So kids fail the driving school?!

All the time, but it’s a good thing. You don’t want your kid to be in a kart they can’t control, plus, they can retake the class once for free, they just need to wait a month to sign up again.

Can I race longer than 10 minutes?

There are some special races that go longer, like our Endurance race for 30 minutes. But those happen only at special times. IE Endurance is Monday night at 8pm.

What do you need to race in league?

Call our facility to see when our next league is happening and class restrictions.